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Clear Paint Protection Film


NG 157


Total thickness (Coating+TPU+PSA): 7.5 Mil
Gloss: 95.6
Elongation at break: 290%
Hydrophobic property: R9 - R10
Heat self-healing: 100%
Warranty: 15 years

NG 157

Matte Paint Protection Film


NG 157


Total thickness (Coating+TPU+PSA): 7.5 Mil
Gloss: 18.7
Elongation at break: 350%
Hydrophobic property: R9 - R10
Heat self-healing: 100%
Warranty: 10 years

NG 157

Coloured Paint Protection Film





TPU Thickness: 175±10μm
Total thickness: 220±10μm(8.6mil)
Hydrophobic level: ★★★★★
Technology: TPU Color infused
Heat self-healing: 100%
Warranty: 10 Years


Headlight Protection Film




Total thickness

(Coating+TPU+PSA): 8 Mil
Gloss: 92.6
VLT: 50%
Elongation at break: 353%
Hydrophobic property: R9 - R10
Heat self-healing: 100%
Warranty: 10 years

HD 50

Headlight Protection Film


PPF layers

Ultra-High Impact Protection, Stronger Weather

  • Utilizing polycarbonate high molecular polymer commonly used in the aviation industry, it provides hardness protection far beyond industry standards.

  • Effectively resisting impacts and easily coping with environmental damages such as acid rain and splintered debris.

  • Excellent weather resistance, sustaining surface protection for up to 15 years, effortlessly handling harsh environmental conditions.

High Clarity, Long-Lasting Transparency

  • Using polycarbonate high molecular polymer with high transparency, achieving a light transmittance of 94.1%, perfectly presenting the true color of the car.

  • exceptional resistance to yellowing and aging, significantly reducing the likelihood of the protective film turning yellow, maintaining a long_x005flasting invisible effect.

  • Preventing paint deterioration, fading, or discoloration due to UV rays, preserving the original color of the car's paint.

Outstanding Water Resistance

  • Polycarbonate PPF shows 3 to 4 times longer water resistance compared to Polycaprolactone PPF.

  • Maintaining excellent physical performance in humid environments.

Stain-Resistant Self-Cleaning, Long-Lasting Shine

  • Incorporating industry-leading technology, it possesses hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.

  • Creating a lotus leaf effect for stain resistance and self-cleaning, ensuring a long-lasting, shiny appearance.

Paint Protection Film Diagram
Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film Options

Front Bumper
- from £325.00
Bonnet - from £380.00 
Side Skirts - from £295.00 
Mirrors - from £95.00
Front End Basic - from £1050.00 (Includes Full bonnet, Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirrors)
Front End Plus - from £1350.00 (Includes Full bonnet, Front bumper, Front wings, Headlights, A-pillars, Mirrors and Side Skirts
Full Body - from £3,850.00

Bespoke Options Avaliable: P.O.A

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