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Additional Services

Bespoke//Specific Details

Outside of our standard Detailing 'Levels', we can also tailor make specifically to what your expectations/desires and budget are. Please reach out and contact us with your requirements.

In addition, we also offer the following...

Our Signature TDC 'Day Detail'

In a nut shell... this is our Level 1 detail with the addition of a single stage machine polish and a Ceramic Wax Protection.

The purpose of this detail is that it gives you benefits the Level 1 smooth paint and touches upon restoring the lustre to the paintwork but not to the extent of the Level 2 imperfection removal/paint correction.


And to top it off, the best available 'WAX' protection.

This is also the perfect option if you are preparing your vehicle for sale.

Prices from: £299.99

New Car protection

This is one of our specialities. 

Getting your car protected as early as possible is the best policy, so getting it protected at the beginning of its life is a no brainer!

Despite it being 'brand new', your vehicle will have already been subjected to the elements. Consider the time it takes to get from the Factory to your Dealership, and then consider the transportation steps it will have taken and the handling along the way, For these reasons, even 'brand new' vehicles are treated to our full decontamination process and a full and thorough (panel by panel) machine polish. Regardless of price, regardless of Brand, all are treated the same way. 

So what are the options....

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