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New Car Protection

Less than 1000 miles.. it's still new!

The preparation process for any Protection option, including PPF (see below)

from £350.00

The following options are in addition to the preparation cost above.

Standard Protection - 6-9 months

The Last Stage Protection (LSP) uses our 'Daddy-O' Paint Sealant and a Dual Layer of our 'Cherry' Ceramic Wax

From: £80.00

Ceramic Gold Protection

1x Layer of Beadlock Pro 9H coating, 2-4 years protection 

(thickness of coating - 2.5 microns)


Ceramic Platinum Protection

1x Layer of Beadlock Marine 9H coating, 

1x Layer of Beadlock Pro 9H coating 4+ years protection

From: £395.00

(thickness of coating - 8+ microns)

Ceramic Coating to Wheels And Under Carriage 

(Includes Wheels/Calipers/Inner Arches/Exhaust/Drivetrain) -+/-2yrs


(wheels only £190)

Fabric Roof Coating

2x layers of specific fabric sealant


Glass Coating to side and rear windows


Interior protection (Leather/Fabric coatings) 

From: £150.00

For the Ultimate in paintwork protection, please follow the link below for our Paint Protection Film options

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