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"Rescue Your Ride: Say Goodbye to Bad Resprays with Our Expert Solutions!"

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

"Revive Your Paintwork: Transforming Disappointing Resprays into Flawless Brilliance!"

Texture Reduction
Before and After

Have you recently had your vehicle's paintwork refreshed, only to be let down by a lackluster finish? If you find yourself thinking, "It looks like orange peel!" then Limatus Detailing is here to help. We specialize in texture reduction, also known as Wet-Sanding, to bring back the clarity and smoothness your car deserves.

Paint Texture Reduction
Peaks N Troughs

During our meticulous process, we carefully sand the higher levels of paint or lacquer, creating a much flatter surface. This technique, attacks the high spots first, creating a flat finish and leaving the lower areas untouched and still glossy, (see image). It is only once you continue the process to fully level out the surface, do you achieve the ultimate results.

To achieve these impeccable outcomes, we utilize a range of sandpaper grades, starting from approximately 1000 grit up to 8000 grit. Our skilled technicians expertly wrap the paper around different-sized and shaped blocks, as well as employ air or electric-powered sanding machines for precise control.

Once the desired level of flatness is achieved, we proceed to polish the surface back to a glossy finish, ensuring your vehicle looks nothing short of stunning.

Trust Limatus Detailing to bring your paintwork back to life. Contact us today for a flawless transformation you won't believe your eyes!

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